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Microsoft hails software laboratory in China
( 2002-10-16 11:10 ) (1 )

Bill Gates, founder of the world's top software vendor Microsoft, said the company's research lab in China will partially decide the software giant's development strategy and play an increasingly important role.

In a recent exclusive interview, Gates said Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), his research lab in Beijing, is one of the company's "most successful" facilities and his "proudest investment."

"Some of the world's best software scientists are in China, their achievements are always ahead of my expectations," he said.

Gates said he faced strong challenges four years ago when he decided to set up Microsoft's Asia lab in China and not in Japan or India.

But the decision was a wise one and the lab will become an engine for the company's future development, Gates said.

Chinese scientists have contributed to many of Microsoft's mainstream products. About 7 to 10 per cent of the company's research and development staff are Chinese, according to the company.

These talented Chinese software experts will meet with their global peers in Beijing and Guangzhou this weekend to exchange their latest research achievements.

Co-organized by the National Science Foundation of China and the MSRA, the seminar has become the world's top software gathering.

Though China still comprises small numbers in global software, with only a 1 per cent contribution to global software revenues last year, it will become the biggest market, said Zhang Yaqin, managing director of Microsoft's research lab in Beijing.

Microsoft is expecting not only rich revenue from China but also more valuable ideas from local software professionals, Zhang added.



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