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Asian UN-NGO network in works
( 2002-10-14 11:09 ) (1 )

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of China are willing to help in establishing a UN-NGO informal regional network in Asia, said Jin Yongjian, former Under Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN).

Jin was addressing a UN-NGO workshop in Beijing on Sunday with representatives of 32 Chinese leading NGOs, universities and research institutes.

Jin said this was the first workshop for Chinese NGOs to enhance their partnership with the UN and to work out a better and clearer idea of the role of the proposed regional network of NGOs for Asia.

"We will exchange views and share experiences on how to participate in UN activities more effectively and productively," said Jin.

Headed by Hanifa Mezoui, chief of the NGO section of the UN, the representatives from the UN briefed their Chinese counterparts on the proposed regional network of NGOs in Asia for the first time. According to Mezoui, the role of the regional network is to ensure a two-way flow of information between NGOs in the region and the UN.

Mezoui believes that the network will facilitate communication among Asian NGOs and help them to join forces and take group action in maintaining world peace and promoting economic and social development for shared prosperity.

The first regional network of NGOs was established in Africa this January and Eastern Europe will set up its own network at the end of the year.

Zhang Yunfei, a division chief of the UN Association of China, hoped the network in Asia would be set up by 2004.

There are now more than 1,800 national NGOs and hundreds of thousands of local NGOs in China, which are increasingly active in international affairs.



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