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30 Internet cafes in Beijing reopen
( 2002-07-18 09:28 ) (8 )

After being closed for almost a month, 30 licensed cyber cafes re-opened in Beijing Wednesday after passing qualification checks.

They became the first group to resume businesses among the 2, 400 internet bars in the Chinese capital city since all of them were closed last month following a deadly fire at the Lanjisu Cyber Cafe which killed 25 young people.

Ninety percent of the closed down cafes were reportedly operating illegally.

The 30 cafes resuming business Wednesday signed a joint public statement, in which owners vowed to refuse entry to young customers under 18, to ban smoking and to operate no earlier than 8:00 am and no later than 12:00 pm every day.

Security measures required include the removal of fixed barriers which prevent access, unlocked doors and windows, and the installation of special facilities such as fire control equipment.

Noisy behaviour, gambling and violent electronic games are forbidden.

In addition, the Beijing municipal government has opened special mailbox, telephone number and website for the public to report illegal Internet cafes and for the supervision of the re- opened cafes.



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