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China improves urban water supply system
( 2002-07-11 10:07 ) (8 )

China will strive to develop its urban water supply system and curb water pollution in the coming years, a forum has heard.

China will complete its urban water supply system and ensure that water quality meets standards issued by the World Health Organization by 2010. Over 40 percent of urban sewage water will be properly treated by then, according to a recent forum on environmental protection between China and the Republic of Korea.

By the end of 2000, 96.7 percent of China's urban population lived on urban water supply systems with daily water usage per capita amounting to 220.21 liters. Meanwhile, 34.25 percent of the urban sewage water was treated.

Environment expert Liu Weicheng said that China's fast-paced urbanization drive helped prioritize issues relating to the urban water environment.

The urban population was 24.96 percent of the national total in 2000. The figure is estimated to increase to 45 percent by 2010.

Governments at various levels are adjusting policies and regulations to meet water users' changing needs. A more scientific water charging system will be established soon and users will pay for sewage treatment.

Meanwhile, China encourages investment from various sources in the urban water market and hopes advanced technology and management experience will benefit the water industry. 



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