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Ambassador expounds China's position on disarmament
( 2002-02-08 09:59 ) (8 )

Chinese Ambassador for Disarmament Affairs, Hu Xiaodi, reiterated China's position on Disarmament on Thursday at the plenary of the 2002 session of the conference on Disarmament.

Hu said the objectives of future arms control and disarmament should be the preservation of global stability and the consolidation, development and promotion of the existing arms control and disarmament legal regime.

The Chinese ambassador said that the whole international community should make efforts to prevent the introduction of weapons or weapon systems into outer space, and to complete the prohibition and total destruction of all nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.

He said thanks to the concerted efforts of the international community in the past decades, a relatively comprehensive legal regime for arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation has been put in place, covering nuclear, chemical, biological and some types of conventional weapons.

But he pointed out this legal regime is now confronted with unprecedented challenges, including in particular attempts to replace international cooperation with unilateral actions and the adoption of policies of expediency towards international legal instruments in the interests of one's own "absolute security".

The Chinese ambassador urged that it is the common responsibility of the international community to preserve the integrity and credibility of international arms control and disarmament system, which is of vital importance to maintaining international peace and security.

Countries should join hands in working to preserve and promote this system. Hu emphasized that in doing so, what is required is cooperation rather than confrontation, a uniform standard rather than double or even multiple standards, and consistent rather than fluid policies and positions.



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