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Gov't increases number of overseas students
( 2001-11-28 09:07 ) (8 )

China has decided to send 2, 300 government-funded students and scholars abroad next year to study subjects ranging from basic sciences to the humanities.

The number is higher than the 1,747 last year, according to sources with the China Scholarship Council in Beijing on Tuesday.

China began to send scholars and students abroad in 1978, when the country began implementing its reform and opening-up policies.

The move aims to help upgrade research levels in China's major universities and research institutes.

Selected candidates are required to take foreign language exams, sign contracts before leaving and must return at the time designated by the council or pay a fine for violating the contract.

Since 1996 China has sent 9,551 government-funded scholars and students to 46 countries and 6,745 of them have finished their studies and come back home.



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