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China's south-to-north water diversion plan approved in Beijing
( 2001-11-24 16:23 ) (8 )

Chinese experts have approved the country's ambitious south-to-north water diversion plan, paying the way for the start of the construction work as early as next year.

The experts gave their nod to the eastern part of the project at a meeting in Beijing on Friday.

The plans for the western and central parts of the project received their go-ahead earlier.

Zhang Jiyao, vice-minister of water resources, said on the occasion that preparations for the project are now in full swing, while the preliminary designs for the eastern and central parts are being finalized, thereby removing the technical obstacles to the starting of the project next year.

According to Zhang, his ministry has already finished the general plan for the diversion project, and is applying the final adjustments and revisions to it.

The south-to-north diversion project will divert the rich water resources in the Yangtze River valley to China's thirsty northern parts.

The feasibility of the project has been under study for the past five decades.



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