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China offers to help with US rescue work
( 2001-09-14 10:39 ) (7 )

Chinese President, in a phone call with US President George W. Bush, offered China's help for rescue efforts and stronger cooperation against terrorism following the attacks in Washington and New York.

President Jiang Zemin told Bush on Wednesday night that China strongly condemns the attacks. They ``not only brought about a disaster to the US people but also a challenge to the world,'' Jiang said.

``China is deeply concerned about the progress of the rescue work and is ready to offer all necessary assistance,'' Jiang said.

Jiang also said China ``is ready to strengthen dialogue and cooperation'' with the United States and the international community against ``all manner of terrorist violence''.

Bush thanked Jiang for his messages of sympathy and condolences. Bush also said he looked forward to working with Jiang and other world leaders to strengthen cooperation against terrorism.



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