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Association works on improving lives
( 2001-05-29 11:30 ) (1 )

A lot of people regard the China Family Planning Association as an organization that always and only urges people to follow the family planning policy.

However, the association in East China's Shandong Province has become popular among people both in urban and rural areas for a different reason.

In most rural areas in the province, each association member, always a local villager, has set up close ties with one or more households.

"We no longer just persuade people to regard boys and girls as the same but are now doing our best to help people raise their standards of living," said Liu Kuimin, an association member in Xiliu Village, Xintai.

Liu has ties with two families in her neighbourhood and visits them often to help with any difficulties they may come across in daily life.

In the village there are 125 family planning association members like Liu, who are regarded by villagers as close friends.

The strong bonds between association members and households hold people in rural areas together and thus help improve social and economic development in villages, said Mao Chengjun, Quangou Town Party secretary.

Thanks to the association members' efforts, most rural people have managed to improve their living standards.



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