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Photos explore nature, progress

By Mei Jia in New York (China Daily) Updated: 2015-05-29 11:11 Comments

Photos explore nature, progress

Bamboo originates from China, and grows widely across several of its provinces. The history of China's bamboo use begins 3,000 years ago.

'China is our proud homeland of five colors, representing kindness, warmth, strength, peace and openness,' Tao explained, 'and we designed the book according to the five colors.'

Each chapter revolves around one of the five elemental colors - yellow, black, red, white and green - describing the country's latest ecological programs, while introducing the surrounding culture and landscape.

The editors said the book was an effort to answer the questions: Where does the beauty of China lie? What made China so beautiful? And how we can add to its beauty? The photos, they said, depict China's traditional wisdom in the harmony of man and nature, as well as the contemporary development of that principle.

'The Chinese continue to cherish their ancient wisdom and follow the philosophical norm of harmonious coexistence of man and nature along with social progress,' the editors wrote in the book.

'During China's urbanization process, towns and villages, rich with history, together with their myriad local customs and traditions, and enhanced modern infrastructure, will thrive alongside their preserved and protected natural beauty and cherish the people's eternal love for their homeland,' senior CPC official Cai Mingzhao wrote in the book's forward.


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