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Historical photos of 56 ethnic groups in China (Part Ⅱ)

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Historical photos of 56 ethnic groups in China (Part Ⅱ)

The Dai girls dance with straw hats, photo taken by Wang Yoazhi in 1957. [Photo/ China Photographers Association]

Dai ethnic group

Inhabiting Yunnan province, the Dai people are quite good at singing and dancing. Their achievements in music are well-known among all the ethnic groups. Their folk and traditional musical instruments include the elephant-foot drum, bronze gong, clarinet, and hulusi.

Xishuangbanna is the home of the peacock, which the Dai people revere as a symbol of good fortune, happiness, beauty and kindness. Thus the Peacock Dance is their most popular folk dance. Performers in clothes with peacock patterns imitate peacocks with lively, flexible and graceful movements in a dance that is a popular part of the Water-splashing Festival.

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