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Traditional dresses for Yugur women

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-05-24 15:55 Comments

Traditional dresses for Yugur women

Sleeves of traditional Yugur dresses for women. [Photo/IC]

The decorations are exquisitely made by connecting red coral beads, white seashells, pearls, agate beads and silver pieces with colored thread on a red or blue cloth or red cow leather. Traditionally, Yugur maidens needed to wear head decorations.

Yugur dresses for women feature a high collar and a hat with tassel. Each Yugur woman has her own traditional dress that was made bit by bit when she was still a child.

For example, a woman's parents might exchange the livestock for some pearls first and then buy some cloth and silk thread when they accumulate more money. It often takes years for the completion of a traditional dress. And the dress is not only a gift from parents but also a symbol of the fortune of a woman's family.

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