Changhong: Nation's first 'smart' TV system

Updated: 2012-01-10 08:12

By Zhang Zhao and Zhao Ying (China Daily)

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 Changhong: Nation's first 'smart' TV system

Changhong Electric Co Ltd's display was an entertaining attraction at the Canton Fair last October. Provided to China Daily

BEIJING - China's first home-developed smart TV operating system, the Xuanyuan TVOS by Changhong Electric Co Ltd, allows multi-screen interaction with users to control their TVs with virtual buttons and gestures.

The result of government-funded R&D over the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015), its system, search engine, browser, security component and visualization device all use domestic proprietary technologies.

It is also compatible with popular smart device operating systems such as Android.

An executive at State-owned Changhong, which was founded in 1958, said only companies that master core technologies will survive in the age of intelligent electronics.

"On the Chinese mainland, we missed the birth of computers and cellphones. We lag behind many advanced countries in the flat TV industry. But in the age of intelligent electronics, Chinese proprietary technologies are players," said Zhao Yong, chairman of the Sichuan-headquartered company.

The Xuanyuan system could lead to "a great change in China's household electrical appliances industry", said smart appliance software expert Zhan Huayi, who is also a leader at Changhong's R&D center.

It is the nation's first software standard that attempts to integrate telecommunications, TV networks and the Internet, he said.

Thanks to the Xuanyuan system, watchers can control their TVs through voice, eye movements - or in the future, even their minds.

Video can now be sent from TVs to cellphones and Changhong plans to integrate "The Internet of Things" into the system that will provide access to more news, entertainment and online shopping.

The company is China's first to establish an intelligent system that covers content, services and end products including the smart TV, smartphone and smart refrigerator.

There are currently about 60 types of smart TVs on the Chinese market, more than 30 percent of them from Changhong.

Last year the company unveiled 20 smart 3D TV models offering multi-screen interaction that allows them to connect with cellphones and tablet computers using the Android operating system.

"An open operating system will boost the industry chain and eventually help build a multi-level virtual intelligence lifestyle," said Zhao.

China Daily

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