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By Fu Jing (China Daily)
Updated: 2011-01-24 07:52
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BRUSSELS - Europe's first English-language Chinese paper has scaled new heights since its launch in early December, heralding a new communications era hailed by the continent's politicians and business leaders.

Distribution of the European edition of China Daily, China's leading English-language newspaper, has expanded from eight to 27 countries since its launch.

The launch was celebrated at a reception staged on Friday in Brussels, capital of Belgium and the European Union, which also celebrated the upcoming Chinese New Year.

"As China and Europe face a host of common problems - a patchy global economic recovery, sovereign debt crises, environmental challenges, trade disputes - the two sides should talk more and do more," China Daily Media Group's Deputy Editor-in-Chief Qu Yingpu said at the event.

"(They should) talk to each other, not past each other, do more together, not pull in different directions," he continued.

"We do not shy away from contentious issues. We provide a rational perspective and try to be the voice of reason. On various issues, we provide balance with comment from Europeans and Chinese."

Ambassador Song Zhe, head of the Mission of China to the EU, said: "China Daily European Weekly offers a brand new platform and opens a unique window for Europeans from all walks of society to know more about modern China's development and progress, its policies, and its foreign relations - especially with the EU."

He said he hopes the newspaper enhances mutual understanding, facilitates cooperation and promotes a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Iliana Ivanova, vice-chair of the European parliament's delegation for relations with China, said the EU and China have been building a fruitful relationship for a long time. Both sides need influential media to deliver objective news coverage to continue this cooperation and reinforce the relationship.

"Therefore, by entering the European market, China Daily Media Group is making a significant contribution to building connections between Europe and China," Ivanova said.

Chairman of the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce Bernard Dewit said the new publication will help European readers better understand different aspects of China.

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