Enjoy an easy life in a busy city

Updated: 2007-07-13 09:09

It's well known that people in big cities live a hectic life. While they are busy at work on weekdays, they are also occupied on the weekends or on their holidays spending money to have fun. Many people feel they are caught up with tight schedules. But things can be different. With a few helpful tips, you can enjoy an easy life in a busy city.

When you are at work:

1. Write a list of what you need to finish each day and specify the amount of time allocated to each task. Follow the list, you will save time that might be wasted on choosing between tasks, and it will also urge you to maintain high efficiency. Use the time saved to take a rest when you finish each item, by drinking a cup of coffee, browsing some magazines, or just taking a break from your desk and computer by standing up, stretching your body and looking out of the window.

2. Find your own working style and don't care too much about other people's comments. If you want to listen to some music while working, then put on some headphones so you won't don't bother your colleagues. If you need a quiet working environment but one of your colleagues just can't stop talking, then go out to a coffee shop, finish your work and then come back. The most important thing is to finish your tasks on time, which earns you salary.

3. Mind your own business. Avoid passing short messages, emails, or gossiping about a colleague behind his or her back. Rumors can distract you from work, so try to avoid them and concentrate on your task at hand.

4 Learn to say "no." It's nice to help a colleague when he asks you for help, but it gets tiring after he asks you to help solve his problems every time. . So learn to say "no" the third time when you have helped him twice.

5 Turn down unnecessary appointments. Networking is important for work as well as life, yet you don't need to attend every event. Learn to say "Sorry, I already have an appointment tonight," or "Sorry, I'm busy, would you mind next time?" Reserve some time to yourself, even just for daydreaming.

When you are off work:

1. Set aside the "Turn Off" time. Treat yourself with a period of time when all your communication tools like mobiles, telephones, and Internet are turned off. Spend this time with a book and a cup of tea. Rest your mind as well as your body.

2. Go home for dinner. Say bye-bye to get-together meals, KTVs or bars. Go home tonight and have dinner. Comfort your stomach with some delicious homemade dishes and spend more time with your family watching TV or DVDs. Sometimes it's not that bad to be a couch potato.

3. Streamline the weekend schedule. On the weekends, some people try to pack their weekends with various exercise classes, from yoga to spinning. The result is a worn out body that you drag to work on Monday. How about actually having a relaxing time off? Have a good sleep, get up whenever you like, and then if you still have time, go to a beauty salon or spa. This is real relaxation.

4 Reward yourself with regular get-aways. Get away from city life like computers, mobile phones, buses, and cars. Go to the countryside with waters and trees where you can spend a whole afternoon soaking in the sunshine.

Edited by Alice Yang


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