Different folk, different strokes

(Beijing weekend)
Updated: 2007-06-01 11:26

Different folk, different strokesChinese artist Pan Lusheng explores folk art elements in his recent creations which include ink and color paintings, fabric works and installations. Entitled Contemporary and Folk Art, his recent solo show, which is held at the National Art Museum of China until this weekend, utilizes the imagism technique to craft landscapes and traditional Eastern figures.

As an important item of intangible cultural heritage, Chinese folk art has been recognized much more in recent years. Nationwide, more and more young artists are now practicing folk art styles.

Having practiced folk art for 20 years, Pan recreates and distorts traditional images with his own painting language. His abstract compositions of dots, and symbols probe deep philosophical ideas. The facial expressions seen in traditional images of Chinese immortals present a kind of conceptual style.

Many of Pan's works are symmetric compositions on which you can see vitality flooded into each corner.

The accumulated pigment and the overlapping brush strokes produce vibrant light and shade. Festive color schemes and cosmic images suggest strong folk themes and decorative flair.

Price: 20 yuan.
Time: 9am-5pm, until June 1.
Address:National Art Museum of China, 1 Wusi Dajie, Dongcheng District.
Tel: 010-6401-7076