Trek into heart of Tibet

Updated: 2006-10-30 18:04

What to expect:

This wonderful journey to the heart and soul of Tibet starts in Lhasa, followed by a four day trek from the Ganden monastery to some Tibetan kernel areas. The route will pass by holy monasteries, highland yak pastures, grandiose mountain passes and snow-capped peaks.



Chengdu-->Lhasa -->Drogpa Camp Site-->Chitu La-->Nyango Village-->Samye Monastery-->Tsedang

Scenic spots on the way:

Nethang Stone-->Potala Palace -->Jolkhang Temple-->Barkhor market -->Gandan Monastery-->Drogpa Camp Site -->Chitu La pass -->Yamalung-->Nyango Village -->Samye Monastery-->Yumbulagang Palace-->Trandruk Temple

Day-by-day Itinerary:

D1: Chengdu
Arrive at Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province. Stay overnight in Chengdu,

D2: Chengdu-->Lhasa (Distance: 3360km)
Take a three-hour flight to Gonggar Airport, and then drive to Lhasa. Enjoy the beautiful sights on the way and stop to take photos at the Nethang Stone. After 100m driving along the Yalusampo River, arrive at Lhasa. Get acclimatized and check in at a hotel.

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