Top ten charming Chinese towns (I)

Updated: 2006-04-21 13:48

To big city dwellers, small towns always seem fascinating. Here are the ten most charming towns in China chosen by CCTV from more than a hundred candidates. The towns were selected on the merits of their natural scenery, cultural heritage, local folk customs, and economic vigor. Each of them is notable for something unique, such as the rivers and bridges of Wuzhen, the castle retreat of Zhangbi, and the exotic boundary town Shiwei which featured in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Want to know more? Follow Citylife's guide to take a closer look.

1.Heshun Town, Tengchong County, Yunnan Province

Top ten charming Chinese towns (I)With beautiful scenery and abundant cultural traditions, this is China's earliest border trade town. A favorite of film directors, photographers, and painters, Heshun is also quite well known overseas. Heshun library is China's best village library. Farmhouses in various styles and Chinese celebrities' old houses are visitor hot spots. Also worth checking out are local craftwork and snacks.

Location: 3 km west of Tengchong County

Tickets aren't required to enter the village.
Farmhouse Museum: RMB 10 per person.
Aisiqi (a famous Chinese philosopher) Old House: RMB 10 per person.
A RMB 30 multiple entry ticket allows entry to all attractions including the library, celebrities' old houses and museums.

Top ten charming Chinese towns (I)How to get there:
Take a shuttle or minibus from Tengchong County for RMB 3, a cab or pedicab at Tengchong County for RMB 10. Energetic types may want to ride a rental bicycle along the newly-built roads surrounded by beautiful scenery , but be prepared for the long tiring slope on the way back.

Some visitors are lucky enough to be welcomed into centuries old homes by a locals, paying a very low fee. Most visitors stay in private hostels for RMB 10-20 per person per night or RMB 40-50 including meals.

Top ten charming Chinese towns (I)
Tongli, Jiangsu
Top ten charming Chinese towns (I)
Nanxun, Zhejiang
Top ten charming Chinese towns (I)
Xingan, Guangxi
Top ten charming Chinese towns (I)
Shiwan, Guangdong
Top ten charming Chinese towns (I)
Shiwei, Inner Mongolia
Top ten charming Chinese towns (I)
Heshun, Yunnan
Top ten charming Chinese towns (I)
Wuzhen, Zhejiang
Top ten charming Chinese towns (I)
Taining, Fujian
Top ten charming Chinese towns (I)
Hongcun, Anhui
Top ten charming Chinese towns (I)
Zhangbi, Shanxi

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