City Special

Jianghu Jiu Bar, one of the best and most respected small venues to see local live music in Beijing, celebrated its third anniversary last Sunday.

Last summer the McKean family and their two dogs finally moved into their dream home, a 400-sq-m four-bedroom courtyard house, or siheyuan.

Twelve limited-edition prints of American sex symbol Marilyn Monroe by star photographer Lawrence Schiller, are on display at the art space of Beijing's Lan Club.

As part of its debut in China, American Ballet Theater (ABT) will perform Don Quixote at the National Center for the Performing Arts, today and tomorrow.

Dressed in oversized T-shirts, baggy pants and sneakers the three Beijingers look like any other youngsters in the capital, but are in fact China's first teen band, Huaer, or The Flowers.

Food Reviews

Shanghai has quite a few Malaysian and Singaporean restaurants but not quite so many Indonesian ones