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China acts on regulating military personnel selection

Updated: 2015-02-25 20:14

BEIJING - Chinese military authorities have issued five documents to optimize the selection and management of army officers.

The documents were approved by Chinese President and top military leader Xi Jinping, to "correct improper practices in the selection and appointment of army officials", according to a statement given to Xinhua on Wednesday.

The statement did not reveal more details, but it said the documents had clear stipulations on the selection and management of secretaries of senior army officials, and set requirements for the service time and experience of commanding officers in combat troops. It also limited posts for officers' relatives and subordinates to avoid nepotism.

Earlier this month, the People's Liberation Army also linked soldiers' weight to promotion in a five-year reform outline.

The "Reform and Development of Military Physical Training (2015-2020)" guideline stressed that physical training would help cultivate combat power.

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