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Voicing opinion on taxi apps


Updated: 2015-03-06 18:26:27


Yang Chuantang, Minister of Communication, spoke about taxi booking mobile apps in an interview on March 5. He said his family and staff use special software to hire taxis due to convenience. He said plan to reform the taxi industry will be issued in the first half of this year.

Yang is an official who is responsible for the public. Taxi booking software is extremely important in big cities like Beijing. Many taxi drivers refuse to take passengers in rush hours. It is exciting news that high-end cars are available to the public.


Mar 6, 2015, via Sina Weibo

Special taxi booking software will gradually break the monopoly of taxi market and provide increasingly advanced usage experience. To put it in another way, traditional industries will be hit hard by Internet if they fail to change. Internet enterprises fill the gap when traditional industries let consumers down. What will be the next gap? Medical services.

@Tongxin Laoliu (a special correspondent of CCTIME)

Mar 6, 2015, via Sina Weibo

Great Job! The power of resource integration with mobile Internet grows overwhelmingly.


Mar5, 2015, via Sina Weibo

Taxi booking software offers people lots of convenience, which is a mutually beneficial industry.

@Yaya 821209

Mar 5, 2015, via Sina Weibo

The widespread use of taxis and high-end cars is bound to worsen the pollution as well as increase traffic jam. The government should encourage people to walk, take a bus or share cars.

@Shenqudao Narcissu

Mar 6, 2015, via Sina Weibo