Window opens with launch of China Daily European Weekly

(China Daily)
Updated: 2011-01-21 08:24
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LONDON - Europe's first English-language Chinese paper has scaled new heights following its launch in early December, signaling a new dawn in communications.

The European edition of China Daily, China's leading English-language newspaper, is now available in 27 countries on the continent after an initial launch in eight cities.

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"As China and Europe face a host of common problems - a patchy global economic recovery, sovereign debt crises, diminishing resources, environmental challenges, trade disputes - the two sides should talk more and do more. Talk to each other, not past each other. Do more together, not pull in different directions," Qu Yingpu, deputy editor-in-chief of China Daily Media Group, said at a reception in London to celebrate the launch of China Daily European Weekly.

"We do not shy away from contentious issues - we provide a rational perspective and try to be the voice of reason. On various issues, we provide balance with comment from Europeans and Chinese."

Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom Liu Xiaoming said China Daily European Weekly "opens a new window on China" for UK and European readers.

"Europeans love reading newspapers, especially the British," he said, adding that Britain and Europe have highly developed and competitive media industries.

"As a Chinese proverb goes: 'Listen to both sides and you will be enlightened, heed only one side and you will be benighted.' China needs to offer 'a Chinese view' on important issues," Liu said.

Lord Prescott, former deputy prime minister of Britain, said: "The role of China in the world is a matter of constantly increasing interest and significance. So the decision by China Daily to publish in the UK is timely and greatly welcomed.

"Most people need to be much better informed about the economic, political and social issues of importance to China, and the way in which these issues are being addressed. And they need to know more about China's achievements. China Daily therefore has a big part to play in developing an informed debate about these issues," Prescott said.

Though 2011 is the Year of Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar, Prescott said it is actually "the year of the panda" in the UK, highlighting the importance of Beijing to London.

China Daily launched its European Weekly on Dec 3, aspiring to better serve its goal of being a newspaper that provides a window for China to be understood by and understand the world.

Published in London and Brussels, the weekly covers politics, business, culture and society, delivering in-depth analyses on news and issues that are of interest to European and Chinese readers.

China Daily European Weekly is available from newsagents and distributors in most major European cities. For more information, go to