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Greater protection for women from sexual harassment

By Jia Xu (chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2010-05-27 14:09
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Women in Guangzhou are to be given greater protection from sexual harassment at work when a new regulation comes into force on June 1.

A revised version of the Women Rights and Interest Protective Regulation (WRIPR) will be introduced by the local Guangzhou Women's Federation (GWF), giving females the right to lodge a complaint, according to Li Jianlan, chairwoman of GWF who spoke to the Guangzhou Daily.

"The new version has clearly detailed the notion and behaviors of sexual harassment. As long as we receive a complaint on office sexual harassment from women employees, we would send the concerned company a safe-guarding rights-report," said Li during an interview.

The WRIPR has also implemented a new system on domestic violence, securing women's family rights.

Around the world a number of measures have taken place to safeguard women from sexual harassment including an exclusive women-only subway train in Tokyo and a similar scheme on buses in Mexico.