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Chinese entrepreneurs fight against climate change

Updated: 2009-12-09 04:33

COPENHAGEN: Chinese entrepreneurs will work together to fight against climate change, four Chinese non-governmental organizations said in Copenhagen on Tuesday.

Wang Shi, Chairman of China’s famous real estate company Wanke, read an announcement on behalf of nearly 200 members from Entrepreneurs & Ecology (SEE), China Entrepreneur Club, China Entrepreneurs Forum, China Urban Realty Association, and Chinese Business Delegation to the Copenhagen meeting.

In the statement, Chinese companies stressed governments, businesses, and all civil society organizations must work together to establish a global coordinating mechanism.

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"We Chinese entrepreneurs are willing to work together with our peers, governments and civil society groups from around the globe to embrace a sustainable development and take responsibility for the welfare of future generations,” Wang Shi said.

Chinese entrepreneurs promised to give strong support to Chinese Government’s decision to reduce per-unit GDP carbon intensity by 40-45% from 2005 levels by 2020. Besides, they also agreed to demonstrate their own dedication to “exploring models of low-carbon economic growth” on a wide range of issues, including reductions of greenhouse gases emissions.

“We sincerely hope that the conference in Copenhagen will embody the human spirit of cooperation and wisdom, result in a concrete agreement with binding legal benchmarks, and enable us to take a right and steady step on our journey to meet future targets,” the statement said.