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British Education Fair held in Wuhan
By Guo Rui (
Updated: 2009-10-19 16:41

Parents had the chance to learn more about education opportunities available for their children in Britain at a recent education expo. 

The British Education Fair, organized by Aviva-Cofco and the British Embassy's Cultural and Education department, was held on October 17 and 18. 

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Clients of Aviva-Cofco received invitations to the fair, which informed parents about the British education system, as well as financial options for supporting children studying aboard. 

Many local people value the advantages of a good education in the United Kingdom, however the fees can often be too exorbitant for parents who rely on average wages. 

But Feng Ying, an official from the British Council, has good news. 

"The appreciation of the Renminbi means those studying in the UK can now save up to 20-30%," she said. 

But even with high value of the Yuan, £7000 is a steep price. 

Li Jiancheng, general manager of Aviva-Cofco's Hubei branch spoke at the event about the pressures parents face from the cost of overseas education for their children. He says it's a good idea to have a well managed education fund which includes some fixed investments. 

As well as financial information, the attending children had the chance to experience British culture and have fun with the interactive activities available, including English geography puzzles and English workshops. 

Mrs. Xia, one of the attendees, has a two-year old boy. She says children's education for her still a vague idea, although her son is already enrolled in a high quality kindergarten. 

"I'm still confused after attending this fair," she said. Although she is not short of funds, she is still unsure about the best path for her children's education.