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Stabbed student sues college, lunatic roommate
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-06-02 10:44

A student from the Beijing-based China Central Academy of Fine Arts has sued her school and her mentally ill roommate who stabbed her. She is seeking 200,000 yuan ($29,289) in compensation.

The plaintiff's roommate became mentally ill in 2008 and tried to commit suicide due to stress from her studies. The plaintiff said she asked school authorities for help but they didn't do anything until the roommate stabbed her on her arms in November.

After the incident, the victim got a demerit from school. She asked the school to revoke the punishment and compensate her for spiritual damage.

The roommate was not punished due to her disease.

The school claimed the plaintiff was recorded a demerit because she was absent from classes many times prior to the incident.

The case will be heard again.

(Legal Evening News)