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Nine detained after health promotion ends in deadly stampede
Updated: 2009-03-24 20:26

CHONGQING - Police said they detained nine people and were seeking a tenth after a stampede Sunday at a promotional event that left two dead and 11 injured in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality.

The nine included Liao Weiming, legal representative of the Liaofeng Electronics Co. Ltd.; his wife, brother and brother-in-law; a temporary worker Liao hired and four staff at the hotel where the stampede occurred, according to the Fuling Public Security Branch police.

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The nine organized a health care product promotional event, where large crowds competing for gifts led to the stampede. Xu Dianhong, a salesperson for Tibet Lhasa Xuefeng Natural Medicinal Materials Development Co, Ltd, remains at large.

Police said the organizers had not sought permission to hold the event, as required by police and the local industrial and commerce authorities.

The police said the event, held in the second floor dining-room of the Zhongshan Hotel, drew throngs who vied for promotional gifts, causing the stampede.

The deceased were identified as local residents of Fuling named Zhang Shumei and Luo Jianying.