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Masquerade Valentines
Updated: 2009-02-15 14:36

The recession doesn’t seem to have affected people’s passion to celebrate this year’s Valentine's Day.

Here in the Chinese capital a masquerade dance was held west of the city at Beijing International Sculpture Park attracting thousands ofswooners and crooners.

Young and old were out in force following the traditional Chinese custom of hong nan lu nu, that sees guys wearing a red ribbon and girls green signifying they were available.

It was all smiles and joy as would be romancers went toe to toe beneath the warming spring skies with some of the more experienced showing the younger one’s just how it’s done.


Interviewee 1

 I feel very funny and came here with my friends.

 This party is great! Feels like a celebration festival.

 In my mind, I want to meet Mr. Right here, I came here for fun, it would be best if I can meet my Mr. Right.

Interviewee 2

Because today is Valentine’s so I came here – I want to meet my Mr. Right if god gives me a chance.

I wish that I can meet someone who can stay with me forever.

Interviewee 3

I want to meet a new girlfriend.

People here look very passionate.


On Valentine’s Day, people can go to a pub or a restaurant but this party is in a public place for many people, especially for single people.

It is estimated that at least 10.000 people came here.

And though people around the country may be tightening their belts amid the global financial crisis it was refreshing this afternoon to see folks opening up their hearts and being galvanized by joy.