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Safety checks on Hangzhou subway begin
Updated: 2008-11-19 16:41

The death toll from theHangzhou subway construction cave-in has climbed to 8. Rescue workers are still working hard to find an additional 13 missing people.

Rubble has already been cleared from the accident site. The next step is to remove ten meters of sediment preventing access to workers buried underground.

Meanwhile, safety checks have been enhanced at the collapsed construction site.

A rescue worker said, "We will check the safety of the eastern wall every five minutes. The contractor has set up a dozen observation sites, if new threats appear, they will immediately inform workers and take appropriate safety measures."

13 people are still being treated in the hospital, and they've already begun to receive pensions from the construction contractor.

Most of the injured tunnel workers were formerly farmers in rural areas. They told Zhao Tiechui, vice director of the State Administration on Work Safety, that they received no training before starting their jobs. But the contractor say they assumed all workers were issued a certificate before starting.

The procuratorial department has joined in the investigation, and suspects have been brought under police control.

Near the site of the collapse, a school reopened Tuesday with a briefing for students on safety. The school had been occupied by relief officials after the cave-in.

Alarmed by the collapse, authorities have suspended construction of theHangzhousubway system, and a widespread safety campaign has begun.