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Six dead in worst Tibet snowstorm on record
Updated: 2008-10-30 17:03

LHASA  -- Three more people are dead as a result of a record-breaking snowstorm in Tibet, bringing the total death toll to six as of Thursday.

Highway maintenance workers use a bulldozer to clear a section of the Sichuan-Tibet road yesterday. Guo Haiyong [China Daily]

Another 1,700 people and 174,500 heads of livestock remain stranded in Lhunze, Cuona and Comai counties, an official from the Shannan prefecture government told Xinhua.

The storm, which started Sunday, dumped close to 64 cm of snow in one county. It continues to fall throughout the region, said the Tibet Autonomous Regional Weather Observatory.

The six people killed either froze to death or were crushed by collapsing buildings, said the official.

The prefectural government has sent four working teams to coordinate  rescue efforts. More than 1,200 people who were stranded, have been relocated to other villages, sleeping in schools or government buildings.

Another 1,700 remain trapped by damaged buildings or blocked roads.

Armed policemen and transportation officials are working to clear snow on the plateau, local officials said.

The Tibet regional civil affairs department has allocated relief materials such as clothing and tents to the affected areas.