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'Eastern Turkistan' terrorists identified
Updated: 2008-10-21 19:19

BEIJING -- China's Ministry of Public Security on Tuesday published the identities of eight alleged terrorists connected to the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), which has been identified by the United Nations as a terrorist organization.

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Following are their names and the charges against them:

I. Memetiming Memeti, born in Oct. 10, 1971, and formerly named Memetiming Aximu. A Chinese citizen, he is also known as Abuduhake, Memetiming Qekeman, Muhelisi, Saifuding.

With primary school education, Memetiming Memeti is head of the ETIM. His Identity number is 653225197110100533.

Charges against him include:

1. Participating in and leading the terrorist organization

In March 1998, Memetiming Memeti illegally exited China and joined the ETIM terrorist organization in a south Asian country. He then became a military trainer in the organization's training camp.

In November 2003, he became head of the ETIM after its former head Hasan Mahsum was shot dead. He raised funds, recruited terrorists and continued to develop the terrorist organization. He organized physical and military training for dozens of terrorists, and led the ETIM members to continue their violent terrorist activities.

In January, he issued an order to conduct terrorist attack specifically targeting the Beijing Olympic Games.

2. Recruiting members for the terrorist organization

For a long time, Memetiming Memeti has been sending key members of the ETIM to a certain Middle East country to spread separatism and extremism among Chinese people residing there, and trying to persuade them to join the ETIM.

In 2006, he sent a key ETIM member, Abdushukur, to a south Asian country to persuade young people there to join the terrorist organization by giving financial aid and spreading extremism.

Beginning 2007, he was very active in recruiting new members, and sent them to undergo training in physical endurance, firearms, military tactics and making explosives and poisons. Their purpose was to sabotage the Beijing Olympics in particular.

3. Inciting terrorist activities

In 2004, Memetiming Memeti organized the production of propaganda discs about the terrorist activities of ETIM former head Hasan Mahsum, and distributed them in China.

In January 2005, via the ETIM website, he called on the "Xinjiang Uygur people" to support and help the ETIM, and urged "all the Xinjiang muslims" to take part in "jihad".

In June 2008, he appeared in a video in which terrorism threats were made, which was broadcast on the ETIM website as well as the world's largest video-sharing website. He warned "all the athletes and audience prepared to take part in the Beijing Olympic Games" that "all strength has been concentrated" and "action has been in the implementation phase". He threatened to "give the Chinese government the deadliest strike by the simplest means" and "turn the year 2008 into China's year of condolence".

4. Masterminding, plotting and implementing terrorist activities

In August 2004, Memetiming Memeti ordered ETIM terrorists to blast a "Chinese club" in a south Asian nation.

Since August 2007, he and other leaders of the organization have sent a dozen terrorists to China as well as to Middle East and west Asian countries through illegal channels for anti-Olympic activities.

Under his guidance, trained terrorists sneaked into China's Xinjiang and other areas, set up terrorist groups, raised funds and bought chemical raw materials for making explosives and poisons, and purchased vehicles for terrorist attacks. They planned to sabotage the Olympic Games by conducting terrorist attacks within the Chinese territory before the Games opened.

Memetiming Memeti also sent dozens of terrorist teams to some Middle East and west Asian countries to raise funds and buy explosive materials for terrorist attacks against Chinese targets outside Chinese territory.

II. Emeti Yakuf, also know as Aibu Abudureheman and Saifula, was born on March 14, 1965. He is a Chinese national with the official identity number of 653127196503140336. He is accused of being a key member of the ETIM, which is recognized by the United Nations as a terrorist group.

Charges against him include:

1. In November 1996, Emeti Yakuf illegally exited China for a South Asian country, joined the ETIM there and received terrorism training. In September 1998, he became a key member of the terrorist group. Since 2001, he has acted as ETIM military commander, in charge of recruiting new members, organizing terrorism training, as well as planning and carrying out terrorist attacks.

2. Since 2001, Emeti Yakuf, directed by another ETIM leader Memetiming Memeti, has recruited people with extremist ideologies in a Middle East country. Since the end of 2007, he ordered ETIM members to enter Chinese territory to prepare terrorist attacks against the Beijing Olympics.

3. Emeti Yakuf organized terrorism training camps in a South Asian country, training dozens of extremists in military and terrorist skills. Those trainees were sent to countries in the Middle East and West Asia. Dozens of terrorists were trained for seven months by Emeti Yakuf to learn how to make explosives and poison.

4. Since 2007, Emeti Yakuf has spread extremist philosophy and terrorism propaganda within China. In June 2008, Emeti Yakuf released an video statement on the ETIM website and a popular video website to stir up so-called "holy war" against the Beijing Olympics, threatening to attack Chinese government employees, service people, police, as well as politicians from Western countries, athletes and spectators, who were in Beijing for the Olympics. They even threatened to use biological and chemical weapons during the Olympic Games.

5. In January 2008, Emeti Yakuf worked out a detailed plan of terrorist attacks against the Beijing Olympics. Since August 2007,Emeti Yakuf has sent more than 10 terrorists to China and other countries to find opportunities to initiate explosions. Emeti Yakuf disseminated manuals and formulas on making explosives and poisons. Emeti Yakuf organized funding for ETIM terrorist groups worth hundreds of thousands yuan. Since 2008, Emeti Yakuf has issued several directives to his followers to conduct terrorist activities targeted at the Beijing Olympics.

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