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Yangming Cave and Yangming Temple
Updated: 2008-09-02 16:07

Both the cave and the temple are named after Wang Shouren (also known as Wang Yangming), a Ming-dynasty educator and philosopher, who was demoted to become a magistrate of present-day Xiuwen County of Guizhou. During his tenure there, Wang devoted himself to running schools and training literary talents. Local people adored him and built the "Yangming Cave" in remember of him on the heavily wooded Longgang Mountain about two kilometres east of Xiuwen County. Yangming Temple, a structure built in 1819, is at the foot of Fufeng Mountain outside the Eastern Gate of Guiyang. The hall is imbedded with inscriptions of Wang's letters to his family members and the full text of the Accounts of Bridges and Pavilions in his own handwriting.