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Two detained for fatal arson attack in Henan
Updated: 2008-08-07 23:46

ZHENGZHOU - Police in central China's Henan Province have apprehended two people, not one as previously reported, in connection with an arson attack early on Monday that killed three children.

The two suspects were identified as Wu Baodong, also known as Wu Peichao, and Wu Dongfang, 37, said a source with the security department of Qixian, a suburban county of Kaifeng, a historic city in Henan.

The three deceased, aged five to 12, were children of Li Shiji, a villager of Malou Village, Wulihe Township of Qixian, according to the local source.

Li said that about 3 a.m., he went out to use the toilet and left the front door unlocked. When he returned, he said, he saw someone pouring what appeared to be flammable liquid into his house.

According to Li's account, the individual then set the house on fire. Li said he caught up with the man and scuffled with him.

The person was later identified as Wu Peichao, a villager from another village in the same township.

Police apprehended Wu, who initially escaped, and Wu Dongfang, who was said to be an accomplice in the arson attack, after a 14-hour manhunt following the attack.

It is not immediately known whether the two Wus were related. An unspecified feud was said to have been the motive for setting the fire.

The case is under further investigation.