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Aids arrive earlier for quake-zone students at PKU
Updated: 2008-08-05 11:57

Fresh-students from Sichuan and Gansu quake zone will receive special fund aids much earlier this year, even before their arrivals at Peking University (PKU).

Special assistant programs, named "Shuyan" (Sichuan-PKU) and "Longyan" (Gansu-PKU), have been newly adopted  to help students from the two provinces that were heavily hit by the 8.0 mag. earthquake on May 12th, according to Yang Aimin with PKU students assistance center.

Fresh students from Gansu province have already received the speical stipends. And personnels from PKU will visit Sichuan students' homes right after their matriculation, so as to acquire better knowledge of the families' difficulties and offer adequate aids accordingly.

Yang said the comprehensive aids system at PKU would guarantee smooth erollment as well as fluent four-year college education for every student who has financial difficulties.  PKU takes the initiative in calling needy students, finding out their families' economic level, then offers appropriate aids program,  a common practices for years.

The Green Express Pass for freshstudents' enrollment in September each year witness warm welcome from PKU party secretary Min Weifang and President Xu Zhihong, handing aids packages over to those needy students. This year, a special greeting and welcome is expected for students from quake zone, according to Yang.