Senior editors condemn Western media

Updated: 2008-03-29 09:41

BEIJING - Senior editors and journalism experts lashed out on Friday at the recent distorted Western media coverage of the Lhasa riot, saying such reports showed the journalism values advocated by some Western media were hypocritical.

Degyi Zhoiyar, a teacher with Lhasa No. 2 Middle School, tells journalists how her school buildings were torched during the riot in an interview in Lhasa, capital of Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, March 27, 2008. The media tour, involving reporters from 19 Chinese and overseas media organizations was organized by the Information Office of China's State Council. [Xinhua]

Dozens of senior journalists and journalism scholars from China's state media and top academic institutions made their comments at a seminar on the recent Western media coverage of the Lhasa riot on March 14.

"The Western media have made their claim that they seek truth in stories, but what they do betrays what they say. Their stories can only incur discredit on their reputation," said Meng Yang, a People's Daily senior editor.

Chen Yao, a Xinhua News Agency senior editor, said, "The distorted coverage by those Western media is not accidental. Those reports were out of their deep-rooted prejudice against China."

She urged the Western media to be fair, just and report the riot in a truthful manner, "so as to uncover the facts for the world."

"Some Western media ignore the facts and deceived their readers by making up stories. What they did has ruined the credibility of journalism and hurt the feelings of innocent Tibetans," said Xing Yuhao, a Guangming Daily reporter.

Yin Yungong, director of the Journalism and Communication Institute under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the inaccurate reports were intentional, biased and cranky.

"Some Western media have claimed their support for human rights protection, but their reports showed no humanitarian care for the innocent people during the riot. This proved that their promises are lies," Yin said.

"Their value of journalism is all about political interests," he added.

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