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Selected works of Mao Zedong on diplomacy
2007-09-28 14:04


Big nations and small nations should treat one another as equals. There is a view that big nations cannot be offended, while small nations can be bullied at will. This is utterly fallacious. A big nation is usually composed of a number of small nations. China in ancient times was made up of around 10,000 small states, later on of 800, then seven, and finally was united into one big nation.

China today still consists of many provinces. Which is stronger: the deer or the tiger? I think the tiger is not necessarily stronger than the deer. The Eight-power Allied Expedition invaded Beijing in 1900. There were some small nations among the eight powers, which yet bullied a big nation. Japan is also a small nation, but it committed aggression against us. This is because they are industrialized countries, while we are an agricultural country; in addition the government was very corrupt.

The difference of nations in size is only form. Our tow countries are completely equal, like two friends. We hope you will prosper and become strong. In my opinion, this is entirely possible.

(From the verbatim record)


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  Hu Jintao -- General Secretary of CPC Central Committee
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