Guizhou 'borrows' rainfall from Typhoon Sepat

Updated: 2007-08-27 11:32

BEIJING - Southwest China's Guizhou Province has "borrowed" 140 million tons of rainfall from Typhoon Sepat with rainmaking measures from August 22 to 26, according to China Meteorological Administration.

The administration said Typhoon Sepat weakened to become a low air pressure when it swept Guizhou. The province's artificial rainmaking headquarter seized the opportunity to make rainfall to ease droughts caused by high temperature

From August 22 to 26, the province launched four rainmaking exercises which lasted for a total of 12 hours.

Data from the Guizhou Provincial Climate Center showed that the August volume of rainfall in the province was 50 percent lower compared with the average level of the same period of previous years.

The rainmaking has helped to ease the dry conditions of soil, create a better environment for crops to grow, increase air humidity and make air cleaner, said the center.

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