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'Four Perseverances' vital to development of Party, state
2007-07-16 14:30

We should persevere in taking Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Representatives" as the guidance, carry out the scientific outlook (or concept) on development in a deep-going way, adhere to the emancipation of the mind adamantly, persist in spurring the reform and opening to the outside world, promote the scientific development and social harmony perseveringly, and persist in working for the all-round construction of a society, in which people will enjoy a fairly affluent and comfortable life.

These "four perseverances" constitute the fundamental requirements proposed by Party General Secretary Hu Jintao in an important speech he delivered at the Party School of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committeein in Beijing on June 25. The "four perseverances" are of vital importance to the overall situation of the smooth development of the cause of the Party and the state.

The emancipation of the mind poses an essential demand of the Party's ideological line as well as a magic weapon with which we use to respond to new circumstances and new problems and keep up opening the new cause and new situations, and we must keep to it unflinchingly and unswervingly.

Recalling its protracted course of struggle over many decades, every major development, every major breakthrough, or every major progress the CPC has scored in its revolutionary practice, in theory and in its work is ascribed to the emancipation of the mind.

Under the present situations at home or globally, only by emancipating the mind and raising our ability to study new circumstances and resolve new issues with the use of the Marxist world outlook and methodology, can we have a clear understanding of the overall situation of development in the contemporary world and present-day China, grasp the new demand of China's development and new aspirations of the Chinese people, formulate the programs of action and major policies of fundamental importance at an appropriate time and in a scientific way to keep abreast with the times and to keep up exploring and pioneering.

Only by doing so, can new successes be attained in the all-round construction of a relatively better-off society and new situation brought about continuously in the cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Reform and opening-up constitute an inevitable requirement for liberating and developing social productive forces and for continuously innovating the vigorous structural mechanism, and a powerful motive force in developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, and it should be advanced or spurred adamantly

Reform and opening-up represent a new, great revolution waged by the people under the leadership of the CPC in a new era. China's successes scored in its modernization drive in the past 29 years of the new era have become the focus of global attention. Evidence has eloquently proven that the reform and opening-up is the only way to develop the socialism with Chinese characteristics and accomplish the great revitalization of the Chinese nation. To accelerate China's socialist modernization, it is essential and imperative to pluck up the resolve and confidence for reform, go a step further to expand the scope of opening outwardly, and strive to make the decision-making with respect to reform more scientific and reform measures more coordinated, so as to make both the reform and opening-up still increasingly more incisive and penetrating.
Scientific development and social harmony represent a basic demand for developing socialism with Chinese characteristics and an intrinsic requirement to produce the better and faster development of an economic society, and it has to be implemented resolutely and perseveringly.

Since the 16th CPC National Congress that was held in late 2002, the Party Central Committee has inherited and carried forward the important thought of the third-generation Party leadership on the concept of development and set forth a vital strategic concept and task on the fostering and implementation of a scientific outlook on the development and construction of a harmonious society. Scientific development and social harmony reflect an intrinsic demand for building a modern socialist country, which os prosperous, democratic, highly civilized and harmonious, and will embodies the common aspirations of the whole Party and the people of all ethnicities across the country. We should enable the concept concerning scientific development and the joint construction of a harmonious society to run through the entire process of building a socio-economic society, so that the development is made for the people, the development relies on the people, and it is entitled for the people to share the outcome of development.

Finally, the all-round construction of a relatively well-off society implies the goal the CPC and the state has all along striven to accomplish till the year 2020, and this is where lie the fundamental interest of the whole nation and the people of all ethnicities in China, and it is also what we should work for jointly and unflinchingly.

The course of struggle is full of distress and hardships. Thanks to concerted efforts of the whole party and the people of all ethnicities across China, we have continuously won new achievements and taken new steps in the all-round construction of a fairly better-off society. The construction of a still more affluent society to the benefit of more than a billion people in China at a higher level and from a new, historic starting point, nevertheless, still calls for our arduous, unremitting efforts.

In a nutshell, the "four perseverances" indicate clearly an ideological guarantee, a powerful motive force, as well as a basic requirement and a target for the development or progress of the present-day China, represent the crux for embarking on the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics and are also where lie the fundamental interests of the smooth growth of the cause of the CPC and the state. So people in the Party should go a step further to have an in-depth understanding of them, and make conscientious practices, so as to win new, fresh victories in the course of building a relatively affluent society.

(Note: By the "Three Representatives", it is meant that the Communist Party of China must always represent the development trend of China's advanced productive forces, the orientation of China's advanced culture, and the fundamental interest of the overwhelming majority of the people in China.)


  Hu Jintao -- General Secretary of CPC Central Committee
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