Premier Wen celebrates Chinese Youth Day with university students

Updated: 2007-05-04 22:57

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Friday went to the Renmin University to celebrate the Chinese Youth Day with students and called on them to learn from the people and grow up through practice.

Together with State Councilor Chen Zhili, Wen arrived at the university around 10:00 a.m. In front of the university library, Wen warmly shook hands with students and wished them a happy Chinese Youth Day. Hearing that Premier Wen came, more and more students flocked to the front door of the library and greeted the premier.

Faced with hundreds of students, Wen congratulated on the 70 years of establishment of the university, and expected the students to better develop themselves in three aspects:

First, students should stick to the study style of blending theory with practice, better understand the society and national situation, have a good command of theory. In the meantime, they should devote themselves to turning theory into practice. Only in this way can they shoulder the heavy task of building the motherland.

Secondly, students should be dedicated to pursuing truth. They should learn to think independently, be brave in innovation, and surpass their predecessors.

Thirdly, students should have a strong sense of responsibility for the nation and the people. The deeper their love of the nation and the people, the stronger their sense of responsibility will be. The students were also encouraged to stay away from ostentation and to be conscientious in their study.

Wen's speech gained rapturous applauses.

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