China firmly opposes proliferation of nuclear weapons

Updated: 2007-02-17 16:18

BEIJING -- The latest revision of China's nuclear exports control regulations attests that the government will resolutely oppose the proliferation of mass destructive weapons and the means of their delivery, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce said here on Saturday.

China's State Council promulgated Friday the amendments on the exports control over nuclear goods and technologies for civil and military purposes, requiring the recipient side to fulfill more obligations to ward off the acts of nuclear terrorism.

The spokesperson said that the revision was a significant measure taken by the government to strengthen the legislation against the proliferation of mass destructive weapons and their means of delivery.

The Ministry of Commerce would shoulder its responsibility and enforce the laws strictly, he said.

Under the revision, a special expert consulting panel will be set up under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Commerce to undertake the consulting, evaluation and verification of nuclear goods and technologies for exports.

The Ministry of Commerce may ask the customs authorities to detain and inspect suspicious cargo. For goods and cargo beyond the supervisory capacity of customs, the Ministry of Commerce may seal them up and ask relevant departments to carry out further inspections.

Unlike the previous regulations which required State Council approval for the modification of the nuclear export control list, the Ministry of Commerce will have the authority to make regular adjustments in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency and other members of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

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