Premier outlines new year anti-graft drive

(China Daily/Xinhua)
Updated: 2007-02-10 13:47

Premier Wen Jiabao on Friday announced the measures his government will take this year to check corruption, targeting in particular unnecessary red tape, collusion between officials and businessmen, extravagance and waste.

Addressing an annual State Council anti-graft conference, Wen told officials that there were many obstacles in the push to build a clean government. A series of major corruption cases were exposed last year and there is a "serious" problem with officials abusing their power or colluding with businessmen to make profits.

"A handful of graft cases involving high-ranking officials have had a very negative impact on society," Wen said. "Waste and extravagance are rampant among officials and some issues concerning the immediate interests of ordinary Chinese remain unsolved."

Wen said the government would focus on five tasks this year, centering on regulating the use of executive power:

cut government red tape, streamlining the process of approving projects and issuing certificates

continue the fight against commercial bribery

curb the widespread trend of building and renovating extravagant government offices exceeding standards

and solve problems of particular concern to the public, including issues concerning housing, medical care and food safety.

Wen vowed greater efforts in fighting collusion between officials and businessmen in commercial bribery, especially in cases concerning construction projects, land leases, pharmaceutical purchases and exploitation of natural resources.

On construction of government offices, Wen said departments that already have suitable offices would not be allowed to buy new offices or expand their buildings. And any government office construction deemed a waste or inappropriate should be stopped or delayed immediately.

"Leaders of governments at various levels should take the lead in the anti-graft drive. They should strictly ensure that their family members, friends and close subordinates do not abuse government influence," Wen said.

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