China strives to handle mass incidents

Updated: 2006-12-09 17:54

The Communist Party of China (CPC) is exerting efforts to actively prevent and handle mass incidents, and such a move shows the Party's clear recognition of China's current social and economic development and its courage to confront realities.

The Resolution of the CPC Central Committee on Major Issues Regarding the Building of a Harmonious Socialist Society, adopted at the Sixth Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee of the CPC on Oct. 11, is the first major Party document that addresses the issue of mass incidents and makes it an important task in the process of building a harmonious society.

China is harmonious and stable in general, but it is undergoing profound changes in social and economic structures with many destabilizing factors. The number and scope of mass incidents have become the most outstanding problem that seriously disturbs social stability.

The mass incidents reflect the various social conflicts and problems popping up at the crucial stage of China's reforms.

The prevention and proper handling of mass incidents is a major test for the CPC's governing ability.

China's booming economic development has largely improved people's living standard, but in the meantime the gaps between the rich and poor, urban and rural have been widened.

Against this background, major mass incidents have been increasing and having wider impact. Among these incidents, some economic disputes had been politicized, and violent confrontation has increased so much that any inappropriate dealing would cause bloodshed.

Meanwhile, hostile forces inside and outside China are trying all means to intervene and take advantage of mass incidents to instigate and create turbulence.

The Party should put priority to solving the problems and difficulties of laid-off workers, land-lost farmers, emigrants from the Three Gorges Dam area, migrant workers, and the poor in both urban and rural areas.

The Ministry of Public Security reported 87,000 mass incidents in 2005, up 6.6 percent over that 2004 and 50 percent over 2003.

Local governments and CPC committees should stay cautious in deploying police force, using weapons and exercising forceful measures in handling mass incidents, to avoid improper force use that will intensify conflicts and aggravate the situation.

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