Laobian Jiaozi: Traditional Chinese food's modernization
By Shangguan Zhoudong (China Daily)
Updated: 2006-09-13 15:21
Jiaozi (Chinese dumpling) is a traditional Chinese food, which is essential during holidays in North China, has become one of the most widely loved foods all over the country.

Laobian Jiaozi: Traditional Chinese food's modernization

Starting from a small snack bar selling dumplings in 1829 (Qing Dynasty), currently Shenyang Laobian Dumpling Co Ltd has developed into a large-scale enterprise integrating with catering, accommodation, chains management and food production.

Over 100 different kinds of dumplings are available in the restaurant.

Apart from Shenyang, 80 authorized chain restaurants in Beijing, Guangzhou and other Chinese big cities can offer Laobian dumplings to customers.

The company also added more Chinese culture into its dumplings, such as royal culture of Qing Dynasty, contributing more to its brand awareness.

Laobian Jiaozi: Traditional Chinese food's modernization

By far, Laobian dumplings have been named as Liaoning Famous Brand, Shenyang Famous Brand titles.

In order to expand businesses, Laobian also built its website and promote Liaobian brand via Internet.

After succeeding in dumplings, Laobian began products diversification and spent more money on fast and frozen food equipment and pay more attention on new products research and development.

Laobian also invest in a new frozen food plant, which has a annual production capability of 50,000 tons, its distribution network will cover Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning Provinces.

The company improved its service standards, quality, and unified in company logo, clothing, tableware, products quality and services.