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Chinese market remains vigorous
(People's Daily Online)
Updated: 2006-07-03 19:48

"Chinese market will remain vigorous in corporate strategy and capital market in the rest of 2006 with continuous search of growth opportunities by Chinese companies and investors." Said John Mack, global Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley in an interview recently.

It is the third time John Mack has visited China in a year after his return to Morgan Stanley.

He said, the all-out effort to open up the Chinese market constitutes an important part of Morgan Stanley's global development strategy, and the company will participate in the Chinese capital market in its maximum possible scope.

Morgan Stanley is one of the earliest international investment banks entering into China with a history of more than 10 years and its business scope covering all the business types permitted in Chinese mainland.

Morgan Stanley has assisted clients in China by raising a total of US$35.7 billion in the international capital market since 2000. It has also netted a total income of US$36.8 billion by providing consultancies for major mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring projects in China during the same period.

Morgan Stanley was encouraged by a range of capital market reform measures taken by the Chinese government recently.

These measures reflect the resolve and commitment of the Chinese government to developing "a more effective and stronger capital market," John Mack said.

"We are also convinced that partaking in the Chinese market with international peers will be conducive to boosting the industry level while also providing more choices for investors, which will help China build a world-class securities market."