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Clean local Party elections called for
Updated: 2006-05-31 08:57

China's leading newspaper People's Daily carried a commentary Wednesday, calling for the clean and honest elections of new local committees of the Communist Party of China.

The commentary, headed "Creating a clean and upright environment for elections", stressed that sound elections of CPC committees directly affect the selection of competent cadres, and regional development and stability.

The elections should ensure adherence to the Party's principle of electing only candidates with a firm political stance, great capabilities, the trust of the public and the competence to guide healthy regional development.

Those who violated Party disciplines and regulations would be punished severely and prosecuted if they broke the law, particularly in regard to corruption.

The organization department of the CPC Central Committee has been urging the public to call its "12380" hotline to report any breaches of discipline or law during the election process.

The elections are being held to select new committees at provincial, municipal, county and township levels and they are expected to run until the middle of next year.