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Foot-and-mouth in Hubei, Gansu
Updated: 2006-05-31 06:13

The Ministry of Agriculture yesterday announced outbreaks of Asian Type I foot-and-mouth disease in Hubei and Gansu provinces.

The outbreaks have been restrained to a village in Hubei's Changyang County in central China and another in Jiayuguan City of the northwestern Gansu Province, the ministry said.

China will forbid the import of animals and animal products from nations with avian flu or foot and mouth disease, according to Tuesday's notification from the Ministry of Agriculture.

The avian flu was discovered in Botswana and Denmark in May.

The notification demanded that avian products from those nations will be returned or burnt. If these products were discovered on ships, aircrafts or trains passing by China or stop in China, they will be sealed.

China's quarantine inspection organization will enhance efforts to protect the safety of animals in China.


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