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Artists should grow with city
Updated: 2006-04-13 09:46
Writers, painters, actors and other cultural workers in the city should create more and richer cultural products to meet the ever growing demand of the local people and to match the dynamic social and economic growth of the city.

Chen Liangyu, secretary of the CPC Shanghai Committee, said rapid social and economic progress in the city over the past two decades has laid a solid foundation for cultural development. But people's demand for cultural products has kept growing and their tastes diversifying.

"So, all cultural workers in the city must work harder to meet the growing demand and keep pace with the city's social and economic development," said Chen.

He made the remarks at the opening meeting of the Sixth Conference of the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, which opened at the Shanghai Exhibition Center yesterday.

"We must carry on the fine tradition and the glorious history of the city as one of the cultural centers in the country and further develop its signature Shanghai-style culture," Chen added.

He also encouraged cultural workers to keep close contact with ordinary people and social practices, so that they could generate literature and art closely reflecting real life.