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Pudong Scenery

Updated: 2006-04-12 19:28
The scenic spots in Pudong can be divided into two types: fashionable metropolitan type, and leisure country type. But in most peoples mind, Pudong is modern.

Indeed, Pudong is fashionable and modern. She has China's No.1 Building -- Jinmao Tower, and Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the highest in Asia and the third highest in the World. Pudongs Maglev Train opens a page demonstrating a concept of speed; every line giftedly strained above Lupu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge shows surrealistic signs; the waiting hall of Pudong International Airport, which is like a bird, lends wings to peoples thoughts. Grandiosity can all be demonstrated in cloud-kissing and serried skyscrapers, the broad and clean Century Avenue, the dazzling and resplendent music fireworks, the world top racing car flashing by, the Oriental Art Center with blossoming butterfly orchid, the mysterious and dreamy Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, and the marvelous Ocean Aquarium. The night view at the water-accessible platform of Riverside Boulevard, stores typical of European custom along Biyun Road, passionate and exciting music at dancing parties, the indistinct and enchanting posture on T-shaped stages, and the leisurely and elegant color of solons and clubs, all reflect the irresistible temptation -- Chinas most modern scenes are put together and taking on the worlds utmost fashion in Pudong today.

However, Pudong is also historical and traditional. Contrary to Shanghais status as an immigrant city, Pudong, always taking farming and fishing as its staple industries, has developed a stabler population and is cultivating a regional culture with local characteristics. This local culture grows out of farming fields, permeating the idyllic life. Millenary gingkoes have witnessed Pudongs history; dilapidated walls of the ancient fortresses bear the record of fierce battles against the Japanese; morning twilight of Baoshan Fortress is the lighthouse for the ships at sea; gray bricks and black tiles of the old residences saw the celebrities determined efforts; joss sticks and candles burning at temples show the simple beliefs of the fellow townsmen. With the bulldozers roaring, silence has been replaced by prosperity, and the trace of history has been left behind by the modern steps&&

Here reality and history are converged, fashion and tradition are mingled, and elements from the east and the west are impacting on each other. In the misplacement and penetration of time and space, form and mind contrast and echo with one another, in a clear and harmonious manner. This is Pudong -- Pudongs bearing, an impression that can never be wiped off. It is the impression that is the most attractive charm of the tourism in Pudong.