CHINA / Shanghai Prospect

Future Objectives of 2010
Updated: 2006-04-12 18:01

-- To initially form the economic scale and comprehensive strength of a world metropolis. The average annual growth rate of GDP shall be maintained at about 10%; the average per capita GDP shall reach the level of the middle developed countries; and the ratio among the primary, secondary and tertiary industries shall stand at 1:39:60.

-- To optimize the urban space distribution. About 85% of the Shanghai area shall be urbanized. Also, efforts shall be made to create a "multi-center, multi-layer and grouping" urban space distribution and to make Shanghai part of China's largest city group in the Yangtze River Delta region. The central area of the city will be divided into the central business district, the central commercial district, the Inner-Ring Road district and the Outer-Ring Road district.

-- To initially modernize the city's infrastructure. The city shall be built into an international air port consisting of the Pudong International Airport and the Hongqiao International Airport; a multi-functional sea port with the Shanghai Harbor as the center and container transportation as the mainstay; and an information port with multimedia as its basic feature. In addition, a comprehensive and multi-layer city traffic network relying mainly on the metro and light rail system shall come into being.

-- To participate in the international economy in an all-round way. The city shall first be built into a bridge and hub for linking up the domestic and the overseas markets and then a key joint in the world network of economic integration. The city's economy shall also move further ahead with giant strides in the world market-oriented direction.

-- To introduce the operation mechanism of a socialist market economy. The city shall set up a modern market system for connecting the domestic and overseas flow of capital, commodity, technology, talented personnel and information. The Shanghai Stock Exchange shall become the securities trading center in China and one of the main stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The city's commodity markets shall become the central market in the country and one of the key markets in the world. Meanwhile, the city's technology market shall become the nation's trade center for various kinds of technology.

-- To pursue the balanced social, economic and environmental development. The city shall establish the framework of a high-grade, diversified international cultural exchange center; introduce an open and life-long education system; create a multi-layer public health system that combines medical treatment, disease prevention, health care and health recovery services; and form a social security system featuring wide coverage and a well-developed network. The city shall also improve the local ecological environment. The purpose is gain a balance between the sustained economic and social development and environmental protection.