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Main Targets of Shanghai's 10th Five-Year Plan
Updated: 2006-04-12 18:00

To readjust and optimize the economic structure; continuously improve the city level of information utilization, market-oriented operation and the rule by law; bring into play the comprehensive advantages of an international metropolis; and sharpen the city's comprehensive competitive edge.

The detailed targets include:

-- To sharpen the city's comprehensive competitive edge and turn it into a city with a large economic scale, high-grade industries and strong capacity in resources distribution both in China and in the world;

-- To improve the city's comprehensive services to provide both Chinese and overseas investors more business opportunities and guarantee low costs;

-- To optimize the city's comprehensive development environment to turn it into a place, both in China and the world, most suitable for starting new business and living;

-- To increase the city's comprehensive capacity in creation and to develop a new system and mechanism that can nurture sustainable creativity;

-- To upgrade the city's comprehensive administration level and to introduce a new system of modern urban administration, featuring the concerted endeavor of the government, social, market and citizens' participation; and

-- To improve the comprehensive quality of the citizens and to create a spiritual outlook of a modern international metropolis.